I am an Editor and work as a freelancer both with Avid MediaComposer and Adobe Premiere.
This is not just a job to me, it is a way of living.
To share creativity with people and achieve the best possible results in what I do.
These are things that make me happy.
I love travelling, music and cooking.

Enjoy my reel and feel free to contact me for any comments and projects.

"Luca is a rare-to-find kind of editor. He has a deep knowledge of his tools of the trade, a great sensibility and the right cultural references, so it is a great creative partner to work with. Highly recommended."
Alex Brunori, Regional Executive Creative Director at Publicis Middle East, Dubai

"Luca is a wonderful editor, passionate and friendly."
Sergio Spaccavento, Executive Creative Director at Bcube

"Luca is an editor of great reliability and competence. He always added value to every project in which I was able to take advantage of its collaboration.
Accurate, timely and willing to suggest innovative solutions, it is especially suited to a professional teamwork.
I recommend it to anyone seriously consider talent and quality."
Agostino Toscana, Executive creative director at Saatchi&Saatchi

"I think the biggest fear of a director is present when you first view a cut by your editor. My first experience of this with Luca is etched on my mind, a fantastic cut before we'd even sat down together. Luca is fast and fearless, the sort of editor that I would take on a shoot in a second. Very talented, unpretentious and amicable in all the right ways."
Luke Forsythe, Director
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